Team racing and GSYS

Gamla Stans Yacht Sällskap  main objectives

  1. Develop Team Racing and become the team racing center in Sweden
  2. Develop sailing in Stockholm's inner waters through member sailing (BYB bring your bag), regattas, and training in connection with club sailing,
  3. Develop a meeting place for sailors utilizing Klubbarnas Klubb as a centre for activities

Team Racing is a battle of teams with at least two boats per team and the team who has the last boat over the finnish line looses, despite results of the other boats in the team. The most common setup is two boat teams, but up to four boats in a team is not uncommon. The more boats the more strategic it becomes, helping your team mates not to finnish as the last boat. It is a fast paced racing style which depends on excellent boat handling skills and rapid tactical decision making.